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Strawberry Kiwi|5200 Puffs|Disposable Vape Supplier|Distributor

Disposable Vape Supplier R&M SWITCH is a professional vape distributor.Wholesale Strawberry Kiwi 5200 puffs disposable vape directly with low price and high quality.
  • R&M LEGEND+RL0012


Product Description

R&M LEGEND+ 5200 PUFFS vape (1)

Disposable Vape Supplier R&M SWITCH is a professional vape distributor.You can access and evaluate the best vape brands that offer the lowest wholesale price for their quality products. Our entire product catalogs are also available for your reference. You get expedited shipping on all your orders. We have the latest supplies to keep you up with the latest flavors.Wholesale Strawberry Kiwi 5200 puffs disposable vape directly with low price and high quality.

Disposable vapes are commonly used by vape oil companies as quick and easy products that require minimal preparation and can be disposed of after the battery life runs out.  However, the quality of those pens suffer due to cheap parts, minimal quality control, leaking and batteries that don’t last for the full usage period.  While we offer disposable vape pens that are subject to strict controls and performance standards, we knew it was time to take the disposable model to the R&M LEGEND+!

Disposable vape Features:

1. 5200 puffs with gradient LED light blink, popular romantic ghost story elements, different lasting and joy in every day.

2. Bottom recharging port, let the e juice really run out and no a drop left

3. Square shape design and 3D printing pattern technology, make everything feel tactile.

4. Authentic official website verification.

5. The legend continues, where is your next disposable? R&M LEGEND+ RECHARGE!

Disposable vape flavors List:

Flavors: Description:
Blue raz bubble gum
Watermelon candy
Strawberry kiwi
Aloe grape
Cool mint
Energy drink
Tiger blood

Lush ice

Thank you for your attention, Let’s try it. Vape the liberty.


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