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  • How to add e-cigarette oil? Three simple steps to teach you to complete!


    For e-cigarette whites, adding e-cigarette oil to e-cigarettes has stumped them. How to add? How much? These are all staggering questions, and I will answer them for you today!How to add e-cigarette oil?Electronic cigarettes generally consist of three parts: a filter, an atomizer, and a battery rod. Read More

  • What is the reason for the heating of the electronic cigarette atomizer?


    Everyone knows that the atomizer is an important part of electronic cigarettes, the carrier of e-liquid, and an improved and upgraded product of the "pod" part of old-fashioned e-cigarettes. With the support of electronic cigarette output devices, the e-liquid can be heated and atomized. , producing Read More

  • How often should the disposable vape heating wire be replaced?


    The heating wire is the core of the atomizer. As long as electronic cigarettes are used, heating wires are involved. In addition to affecting the taste, the carbon deposition on the heating wire will also affect the health of the lungs.1. How to judge whether the heating wire needs to be replaced?Un Read More

  • Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking Blue?


    Do you know when or why your vape pen blinked? Thanks to the manufacturers for using LED flashing indicators in the lean design. These different color blinking lights send a variety of signals to the users.You should realize that the electronic devices you regularly use have some errors like that ev Read More

  • What problems should be paid attention to when buying electronic cigarettes?


    Electronic cigarettes are not unfamiliar products to everyone, and their journey has not been smooth. There are exclusions and approvals, suppression and advocacy. No matter what the ups and downs are. The e-cigarette industry is still moving forward. The current electronic cigarette market has a wi Read More

  • Why do disposable vapes smell less, and how to fix it?


    One of the problems with disposable vapes, reported by more and more disposable vape smokers recently, is that the taste of vapes can fade during smoking or after a period of time.It seems to be a common problem with all vaping products, so what is the cause of this problem? Let's explore.1.Preserva Read More

  • What if disposable vapes don't work?


    In recent days, I have received a lot of complaints about the problem of disposable e-cigarettes. Most of them are saying that the newly bought e-cigarettes do not smoke. About this problem, I have made the following analysis:1. E-cigarette electromagnetism has no electricityWhen we just bought e-ci Read More

  • How to make mesh coil disposable vape ? Why choose mesh coil disposable vape


    If you think that the march of technology in the vaping industry has proceeded at a rapid pace over the past several years, wait until you see what’s about to happen in the world of disposable vapes. There’s an arms race going on in disposable vapes right now, and it’s happening because this is curr Read More

  • Why should we switch to disposable vape?


    Why should we switch to disposable vape? the juice runs out. Because there’s basically not much of a difference, you might wonder why you’d even want to switch to disposable vaping. This article gives you seven reasons why switching to disposable vape pens can elevate your vaping experience.1.Easy t Read More

  • Should we advocate disposable vape?


    A disposable vape is a device that allows you to inhale nicotine in a vapour rather than smoke.Disposable vapes do not burn tobacco and do not produce tar or carbon monoxide, two of the most damaging elements in tobacco smoke.They work by heating a liquid that typically contains nicotine, propylene Read More

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