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What is the difference between r&m xtra and r&m switch?

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Since the start of commercial production of the electronic cigarette, the electronic cigarette has been subject to a wide range of external light column. In recent years, tobacco companies have increased their investment in the e-cigarette sector through acquisition or independent research and development, and the global e-cigarette market has shown accelerated development.

With the rapid expansion of the market size and the rapid increase in product types. Today there are various types of electronic cigarettes and many people do not know what the difference between e-cigarettes is. Today we are comparing the difference between r&m xtra and r&m switch, giving viewers a basic introduction to r&m xtra, a disposable e-cigarette.


·The main difference between r&m xtra and r&m switch.

·What are the characteristics of r&m xtra?

·How to select a suitable electronic cigarette?


The main difference between r&m xtra and r&m switch.


·Battery capacity

In terms of battery capacity, the r&m switch uses an 1100 mAh battery, while the r&m xtra has only 850 mAh. It is worth noting that basically all disposable e-cigarette manufacturers set the battery to run down first during use, as disposable e-cigarettes will 'dry out' if the amount of vape oil runs out before the battery does.



The puffs on the r&m switch are 2000 and the puffs on the r&m xtra are 1600, which is a difference of almost 2-3 days of vaping. Therefore, the decision to buy an r&m xtra or an r&m switch will depend on your vaping habits.


Both the r&m xtra and r&m switch work on the same basic principle, they both use a smart chip to control the amount of smoke output and its working state, the liquid is heated and atomised into smoke to produce a smoking effect. In terms of type, they both belong to a type of disposable e-cigarette. However, their battery capacity and number of puffs are very different, which predestines them to have different usage


What are the characteristics of r&m xtra?


·More Liquid

Our r&m xtra can hold 5-8 times more liquid than a rechargeable e-cigarette, with 6% nicotine salts, 4ml + 4ml e-liquid, which means the r&m xtra has a longer lasting capacity.



Whether it's the r&m xtra or the r&m switch, they are both designed to be portable, with disposable e-cigarettes that don't need to be recharged, don't need to be replaced, and are compact enough to be changed for use at any time.


In summary, the r&m xtra is a disposable electronic cigarette with an innovative design. Its graphic design is also one of our company's specialities. In order to make the r&m xtra stand out, we have designed different patterns that can give you a fresh feeling.


How to select a suitable electronic cigarette?


When choosing an e-cigarette, we need to consider the quality and appearance of the product. In terms of quality, we need to observe the amount of smoke coming out of the e-cigarette. An excellent e-cigarette design will guarantee a larger amount of smoke coming out, followed by a stable amount of smoke coming out. Secondly, observe its appearance, a good product needs to ensure that its appearance is fresh, tightly designed, finely crafted and can give people a pleasant feeling.


The above is all the information about the difference between r&m xtra and r&m switch. Our company produces a wide range of disposable vapes, both r&m xtra and r&m switch, and we have strict quality control. We always aim to offer competitive prices and the fastest delivery times, so if you need more information about our products, please follow us.





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