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If you want to know more about the R&M XTRA, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the R&M XTRA industry. More news about R&M XTRA, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more R&M XTRA information!
  • ​What's in r&m xtra?


    What's in r&m xtra? The electronic cigarette is a popular product in modern society. The electronic cigarette differs from the traditional combustion smoking method of cigarettes by providing nicotine without combustion, but basically without tar. Vapour e-cigarettes are one of the most common types Read More
  • What is the capacity of r&m xtra?


    The market for e-cigarettes has gradually expanded in recent years. Disposable e-cigarettes are compact in design and very easy to use. Many smokers enjoy using disposable e-cigarettes. It is even possible to add various flavours of flavouring to the pipe according to personal preference. Read More
  • What is the difference between r&m xtra and r&m switch?


    Since the start of commercial production of the electronic cigarette, the electronic cigarette has been subject to a wide range of external light column. Read More
  • ​What type of r&m xtra is there?


    What type of r&m xtra is there? One of the most popular electronic products is the e-cigarette, which imitates a cigarette and has a similar flavour to it. It is a product that allows the user to smoke after turning nicotine, etc. into vapour through atomisation and other means. In recent years, the Read More
  • What is r&m xtra?


    What is r&m xtra? The Chinese electronic cigarette was born in 2000. At that time, an expert proposed diluting nicotine with propylene glycol and atomising the liquid with an ultrasonic device to produce a water mist effect. The liquid nicotine diluent is stored in a device called a smoke bomb for p Read More
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of r&m xtra?


    What are the advantages and disadvantages of r&m xtra? The e-cigarette is an electronic atomization device, powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery to drive an atomizer that turns liquids etc. into vapour by heating the oily substance in the oil chamber and then allowing the user to inhale Read More
  • What is Synthetic Nicotine?


    What is Synthetic Nicotine?Synthetic nicotine or ‘tobacco-free nicotine’ is a man-made replica of the traditional nicotine that is found tobacco, nicotine patches, nicotine gums and the majority of e-liquids. Read More
  • What is Dual Flavors Disposable Vape ?


    Dual Flavors Disposable Vape Disposable vape is a new category in the field of e-cigarette in recent years.Dual-flavor disposable device make the design of "one device, two flavors" a reality. Read More
  • R&M delivery time---by Karen


    R&M SWITCH World first double flavors disposable vape device , 2 in 1 flavors , buy one and enjoy two flavors . Read More


    R&M ULTIMATE represents the highest quality standard, most competitive price and best vaping experience in the electronic cigarette industry. We have been focusing on R & D and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes since the beginning of 2012. Product range has Pod System Devices, Mod Vape Kits, CB Read More
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