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What is Dual Flavors Disposable Vape ?

Views: 50000     Author: R&M ULTIMATE     Publish Time: 2020-11-03      Origin: R&M ULTIMATE


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Dual Flavors Disposable Vape


Disposable vape is a new category in the field of e-cigarette in recent years. It is pre-filled with e-liquids and equipped with suction type starting device. Smokers do not need to recharge, do not need to change the smoke oil, do not need to carry heavy chargers and other accessories. You only need bring your disposable device out the door. What’s more, the disposable vape can be used at any time, providing smokers with one of the easiest ways to vape.


Dual-flavor disposable device make the design of "one device, two flavors" a reality. Achieve the switch of two flavors on one device. It has changed the disposable e-cigarette game. .In the production side, dual-flavor device is more complex. Generally speaking, five single-flavor devices can be produced in the time it takes to produce one double-flavor device. For the single flavor disposable, with an oil cup, simple configuration. But for the Dual-flavor disposable, it have two oil cups and a battery at the bottom. Each oil cup has a heating wire connected to the battery at the bottom. Select the link of the heating wire by flipping the switch of the bottom controller. Then realize the adjustment of taste.


Fortunately, the price of dual-flavor disposable hasn't doubled. It is only slightly more than or equal to the price of single-flavor disposable devices. So it solves the problems of hoping to try more flavors and costing too much to buy different flavors of disposable vapes. Meanwhile, it does not increase the burden on smokers, they can easily change their taste by sliding a switch on the bottom of the device. The dual flavor design is a big breakthrough in the vape market.






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