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What is r&m xtra?

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The Chinese electronic cigarette was born in 2000. At that time, an expert proposed diluting nicotine with propylene glycol and atomising the liquid with an ultrasonic device to produce a water mist effect. The liquid nicotine diluent is stored in a device called a smoke bomb for portability. The initial electronic cigarette was designed for foreign export by some Chinese enterprises in response to foreign demand. Consumers in developed countries in Europe and the US had strong purchasing power and became more specific and demanding on their health, and e-cigarettes were gradually rolled out in these overseas developed economy markets.


Today, the market for e-cigarettes has gradually expanded and there are more and more types of e-cigarettes available. Today we would like to introduce a portable e-cigarette, which is r&m xtra.


The design requirements of r&m xtra

The related considerations for using a r&m xtra

The main characteristics of r&m xtra


The design requirements of r&m xtra


The primary design requirement for portable r&m xtra, as disposable e-cigarette products need to reach a new level of convenience and portability. As a result, our r&m xtra is the size of a pen and fits easily in your pocket.


The r&m xtra is designed to mimic the taste of a cigarette to produce a smoking cessation effect. But traditional tobacco has a single flavour, which can easily lead to boredom. Therefore, our r&m xtra is available in a variety of flavours and one r&m xtra can carry two flavours at the same time.

·High battery performance

With a typical rechargeable e-cigarette, each cartridge needs to be charged at least once, making the battery extremely inefficient. Our r&m xtra uses an integrated 850 mAh battery, which significantly increases and improves the working performance of the r&m xtra.


Like other e-cigarettes, r&m xtra's vapor is water vapour, with a high volume of smoke and small particles. The use of r&m xtra can reduce health risks to a large extent compared to traditional cigarettes. When buying an r&m xtra, we need to take into account the capacity of the battery. This is because the length of time the battery lasts is an important factor in measuring the standard of excellence of an e-cigarette.


The related considerations for using a r&m xtra

The r&m xtra generates condensation on the principle of high temperature heating and must be wiped with a paper towel before use. It is also important to maintain good vaping habits, as the life of the r&m xtra is very much dependent on your usage habits. It is also important to keep the battery charged, as a low charge will result in the vaping liquid not being fully atomised and inhaled.


The main characteristics of r&m xtra

The r&m xtra disposable device requires little maintenance, recharging or filling. In addition to this, the important feature of the r&m xtra is its visual aesthetics and the novelty of the century has made it popular with many young people. Our r&m xtra contains 6% salt nicotine, without the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes such as tar. However, this should not be used as a reason to abuse e-cigarettes. After all, excessive nicotine inhalation can also cause poisoning.





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