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How much should we pay for buying a disposable vape?

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How much should we pay for buying a disposable vape?We’ve checked out countless online stores to find out how much a vape might cost. Please be aware that the prices listed below are only estimates. Your favorite vape vendor may sell their products at a lower or higher price. But this article should still provide you with a good indication of how much you might have to pay. We have made sure to include lots of different vaporizers like pods, pens, mods, and also kits.

Before vape pens, smoking weed had its inconveniences. You had to pick through stems, use a grinder, hand-roll your joints, and deep clean your bong. The old way of getting high seemed messy, less discrete, and required a ton of cleanup. Enter 2021, where vaping is the future of cannabis consumption for on-the-go smokers. But, at what cost?  

Vape pens are sold in various styles, some more sophisticated and expensive than others. Many newcomers to the world of vaping are scratching their heads wondering how much it costs to vape.

Monthly e-liquid consumption

In a 2014 online poll conducted by E-Cigarette Forum, over 22% of vapers polled said their daily e-juice consumption was between 4-5ml. Using the highest value of 5ml/day, an average vaper would get through about 150ml, more or less, of e-juice/month.

A 100ml bottle of e-juice can start anywhere from $12-$15 and go up from there. So for one month of vaping (excluding everything else), a person would spend more than the daily value of a pack of cigarettes (average price of a pack of cigarettes: $6.49), but that is for the whole month! Of course, this calculation depends on if the person is a pack-a-day smoker, and if that is true, the comparison between the two is:

The monthly cost of a 100ml of e-juice: $15

The monthly cost of a pack-a-day smoking habit: $200

The monthly savings of vaping over smoking (in this case): $185

The cost of vapes versus cigarettes

Research shows that the average vaper spends about $600 per year on electronic cigarettes. Meanwhile, a regular smoker spends about $2,300 each year on cigarette packs and lighters. That means you save about $1,700 when you choose vaping over cigarette smoking. In some states where conventional cigarettes are more expensive, you may even save $3,000 or more yearly.

Another thing you might want to consider is health care costs related to long-term cigarette smoking. It has long been proven that tobacco cigarettes contain thousands of harmful chemicals that make you vulnerable to respiratory infections and heart diseases. Electronic cigarettes do not have the same toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

Based on recent studies, tobacco smokers pay about 20% more on insurance premiums compared to nonsmokers. Some insurance companies even charge as much as 50%. If you’re thinking of making the switch from tobacco to e-cigs, saving thousands of dollars on insurance is a good reason to start.

Different vapes have different prices

The above calculations are based on the vaping habits of someone with a specific type of device, namely a vape mod with a refillable glass tank.The costs change (go higher or lower) if someone uses a disposable e-cigarette or a pod mod. With these latter devices, the cost of e-juice is far less, and almost non-existent if the person is using pre-filled cartridges.

How much does a smoker spend a month?

The average smoker goes through at least a pack of cigarettes a day, sometimes two. At a cost $8.00 per pack, that’s a whopping $248.00 per month on cigarettes based on a pack-a-day smoker. An average hobbyist box mod setup will set a user back $80 excluding rebuildable materials, batteries, chargers or juice. At today’s prices and average uses, this amounts to a cost of $6.25 per day (at a usage of 15ml) or $193 per month; a considerable saving over combustible tobacco.

Is Vaping Cheaper than Smoking?

Vaping can be less expensive than smoking if someone is smart about their purchases.After all, a smoker needs to only buy cigarettes (maybe a lighter or two, as well). Like with smoking, though, the costs associated with vaping stem from a person’s consumption habits, like how often they vape, what kind of device they use, and other vaping variables.

If a person vapes a lot, like if they smoke a lot, then their vapes costs will be higher, as they will go through more e-juice and other products. Another thing that complicates estimating the daily, weekly, and monthly costs of vaping is the different prices of items like e-juice and coils.

There is a wide price range for vaping items, so finding one that is both economical while meeting a person’s standards is a challenge.If a vaper invests in a durable, hard-working device and stays within their average consumption habits, they can find that the costs of vaping are much less than the costs of smoking.

How much should I pay for buying a disposable vape?

Buying a disposable vape with flavor or nicotine should be available form about $8 to $12 depending on what you choose.Reusable, though disposable, vape pens (in which you attach a cartridge of vape material) will cost about the same.


The prices of disposable vape are different.most of vape price range at $10-$26.In fact, the price of disposable vape is largely influenced by the content of the oil, the size of the battery and the quality of the atomizer.choose what you like,nowdays there are multiple fruit flavor vapes.





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