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What should we pay attention to when wholesaling disposable vapes?

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What should we pay attention to when wholesaling disposable vapes?As a professional e-cigarette wholesaler, there are indeed many problems to be paid attention to when wholesaling e-cigarettes to manufacturers.If we do not consider the good choice of products when wholesales e-cigarettes, we are likely to buy defective e-cigarettes, which will cause us to suffer losses.Here's what to look for when buying e-cigarettes wholesale.

Unique and stylish look

The first thing that catches the attention of the customers is the appearance. That’s the reason the appearance of the packaging must be decided carefully.We have an expert team that can design the most unique, and stylish packaging for your vape products.

Vape Trends

For years the biggest trend in the vape industry was centered around creating more powerful regulated mods that could put out larger clouds of vapor. Now the vape industry has changed to focus on creating compact devices that can deliver satisfying amounts of nicotine without producing massive amounts of vapor. These devices have made vaping far more accessible to users who aren’t interested in carrying a large device or chasing the biggest clouds.

The Nicotine Salt Craze

The biggest vaporizer trend in recent years has been the use of nicotine salt e-liquids. Traditional box mod and atomizer based vaporizers are designed to use freebase nicotine e-liquids. These e-liquids are capable of delivering nicotine in large clouds of vapor, typically in fairly low concentrations. When you try to add more nicotine to these e-liquids, the vapor will start to become too harsh for most vapers to enjoy.

This means that, using freebase nicotine, it was virtually impossible to get a satisfying and comfortable hit from a small cloud of vapor. Nicotine salt is a form of nicotine that occurs naturally in the tobacco leaf, but was not typically extracted in its salt form. By converting nicotine to its salt form, it can be used to create e-liquids with higher levels of nicotine that are ideal for vapers who want to take small hits and be satisfied.

Nicotine salt is also absorbed differently than freebase nicotine. The rate of absorption by the body when vaping nicotine salt is similar to the experience of smoking tobacco, but without the taste and smell of smoke. This makes nicotine salt vape cartridges and pen vaporizers ideal for former smokers who are looking for an alternative product that will deliver the same satisfying hit.

Before the use of nicotine salt vaporizers, disposable vaporizers were manufactured using freebase nicotine. These devices were capable of providing some nicotine satisfaction, but often left vapers taking frequent puffs and wearing the device out quickly. That all changed when nicotine salts replaced the freebase nicotine in disposable pod devices.

Pod Vapes

The first vaporizers to popularize the use of nicotine salts were Juul pod based vaporizers. These small devices were designed to use pre-filled vape pods that helped to remove a lot of the maintenance associated with the use of larger vape systems. Instead of having a fixed atomizer that needed to be refilled with e-liquids and new coils, these vapes used pre-filled pods that contain a set amount of nicotine salt e-liquid and the coils needed to create vapor.

The combination of these easy to swap pods and the small size of the Juul device made these vapes an instant hit. The popularity of the Juul quickly led to other companies creating their own nicotine salt pod vaporizers, many of which offered refillable pods and other features not found on the Juul. Even with multiple options on the market, the Juul continued to remain one of the most popular vapes in recent years. This popularity had both positive and negative side effects.

The plus side of the little pod vapes becoming so popular was that Juul users got to enjoy a wide range of flavored pod options, both from Juul and other brands. Sadly the negative side effect of these vapes’ popularity was their use by teens. The popularity of these vapes rose high enough in teens that the US government decided to take action to limit the use of Juul vapes by banning the sale of flavored pods.

The flavor ban went into effect in February of 2020. This policy banned the sale of all pre-filled pods with the exception of natural tobacco and menthol flavors. Some of Juul’s most popular flavors, including mango and mint, suddenly disappeared from stores. This meant that legal Juul users could no longer enjoy their favorite pod flavors, forcing many pod vapers to seek out alternative devices.

Disposable Vape

The ban on pre-filled pods was specific in its language. The sale of pre-filled disposable pods was banned, but the sale of pre-filled disposable vaporizers remained

unrestricted. This means that a wide variety of disposable vaporizers have become available to fill the vacuum left in the pod vape market. These vapes can be sold in any flavor and we keep a range or disposable vape pen wholesale products in stock for vape shops like yours. When it comes to choosing the right wholesale disposable vapes for your shop, there are a few factors to consider.

Anatomy Of A Disposable

Most disposable vapes superficially resemble a Juul or other small pod device. Internally, disposables are similar to other pod systems. The keep operation simple by using internal draw activated circuitry in place of buttons and other control features. Unlike reusable vapes, disposables have no recharging port or removable pod. The entire device is self contained, with the mouthpiece being the only opening. Once a disposable is empty, the entire device can be disposed of just like a spent vape pod.

Disposable Vape Flavors

One of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing which disposable vapes to offer is the flavor options. Obviously you will want to keep a variety of flavor profiles in stock so you can appeal to a wide range of vapers. Every brand has their own distinct flavor options, but certain “classic” pod flavors like mango and mint options are always a great choice to have on hand. Many disposable vape manufacturers also offer “ice” flavor varieties, which combine fruit flavor with the cooling effects of menthol.

Best quality material

In discussing different qualities of disposable vape pen packaging. We should not ignore the main concern of packaging. The main purpose of the packaging is to protect the inner product.

For this, we use the best quality material to make packaging for your vape products. Although the packaging we provide is completely disposable. But it does not mean that it does not provide protection.

This packaging completely protects the inner products from all kinds of damage. Also protects from all physical factors.

These are some of the qualities of the packaging that we provide to you. This does not mean that our prices are very high. We provide you with packaging having these qualities at a very reasonable price.

Disposable Vape Airflow

Some disposable vaporizers even have additional features, such as adjustable airflow. The ability to dial in the airflow makes it easy for vapers to adjust their vaping experience. High airflow restriction will produce smaller amounts of thicker vapor, while low restriction will produce more thin vapor. Most models with this feature will have “Twist” in their names, referring to the twistable airflow adjuster at the base of the device. These vapes are a great way to offer customers who are already familiar with the use of disposables a new way to dial in the perfect vapor quality.

What should we pay attention to when wholesaling disposable vapes?we should pay attention to these questions,i truly believe that is very importment for us to get a good disposable vape.come to our website to get more informations about disposable vape.





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