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If you want to know more about the disposable vapes, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the disposable vapes industry. More news about disposable vapes, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more disposable vapes information!
  • First substantial evidence that disposable vapes are useful for smoking cessation


    "Do vapes help smokers quit or glorify a potentially unhealthy habit?" Public health experts are divided on the question, but a new study shows for the first time that for some people the devices may be more powerful than they are more damage. The article, published in the journal Addictive Behavior Read More

  • Is the 3% nicotine salt content of disposable vapes high or low?


    Is the 3% nicotine salt content of disposable vapes high or low? At present, vapes are all nicotine-salt-type e-liquid. The content of nicotine salt in vapes has specifications. The common content is 3%. Then many friends have asked about this content of nicotine-salt e-liquid. Is it high or low? Ne Read More

  • What problems should be paid attention to when joining disposable vapes?


    2018 is a year of great popularity for vapes in China, especially small cigarette products that are more suitable for long-term smoking/cessation use. Also, as predicted, 2018 will be the first year of small cigarettes. In addition to disposable vapes becoming more and more popular on e-commerce pl Read More

  • Why does disposable vape cough?


    Why does disposable vape cough? More than half of vape users will cough, to be exact 57%. If so many people cough, why is this not a problem? In short, there are many reasons why people cough when using vaping, but none of them are harmful. So, what is the reason behind coughing when you smoke dispo Read More

  • Are e-cigarettes more dangerous than cigarettes?


    In this era of rapid development of new tobacco, government departments and public health organizations in various countries often speak through mainstream media in order to "boycott new tobacco", and the reports of these mainstream media will contain many "unfactual" and "full of controversies." "T Read More

  • Can smoking vape products really save money?


    Can smoking vape products really save money?about this question many people have their own opinions.Actually traditional tobacco combines nicotine and ammonia, which strengthens the addictive effect of tobacco by 35 times. Compared with traditional cigarettes, the first year of switching to disposab Read More

  • Three tips for using disposable vapes


    Disposable vapes are very convenient to use, so many friends like to use disposable vapes. Vaping evaluation vapes have styles or brands. Generally, disposable vapes are mainly composed of a pipe containing nicotine solution, an evaporation device and a battery. The atomizer is powered by a battery Read More

  • Why doesn't disposable vape smoke?


    There are many factors that can not affect the smoke. After the atomizer is installed, let it stand for 5 minutes before smoking. If it still does not smoke, it is the problem of the atomizer core. Replace the atomizer core and do it again as before. , If it still doesn't work, it is that the atomiz Read More

  • Disposable vape smoking cessation principle


    Simply put, an disposable vape is a low-pressure microelectronic atomization device that atomizes a solution with tobacco flavor into a smoke through heating for use by smokers. Vapes are just a smoking cessation product and cannot completely replace real cigarettes. For people who are addicted to s Read More

  • Why does the disposable vape vaporizer fry oil?


    Why does disposable vape carburizer fry oil? What is the "fried oil" phenomenon? Atomizer oil frying phenomenon is common in our daily use, especially the novices who are just exposed to vapes feel very annoyed. Today for everyone I sorted out five questions about frying oil and how to deal with it, Read More

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