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Disposable vape smoking cessation principle

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However, disposable vapes have become the choice of more and more people who pursue health and fashion because of their health advantages over traditional cigarettes. Vapes have the effect of assisting smoking cessation, which is to take a few puffs instead of smoking real cigarettes after the addiction, and then slowly quit, the most important thing is perseverance to persist. At present, the taste of vapes on the market is a little bit different from that of real cigarettes, and they are generally sweeter. However, some manufacturers have produced unsweetened vape liquids, so that the taste will be closer to real cigarettes.

Disposable vapes are the same as ordinary cigarettes:

E-1. Do not change your habit, still swallow clouds and fog.

F-2. Refresh and relieve smoking cravings. So, what is the principle of electronic cigarettes?

The working principle of disposable vapes:

1. There is no combustion process, no tar and other carcinogenic and harmful ingredients, no harm from combustion products, and no fire hazard.

2. Humanized design, simulating smoke and mist.

3. It does not pollute the environment, and the smoke it inhales is an aerosol formed by the atomization of nicotine liquid.

4. Electromagnetic waves, no electromagnetic radiation.

5. Some people say that quitting smoking is uncomfortable, but current disposable vapes contain high-purity pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. According to the design of "nicotine replacement therapy", cessation is realized without pain.

6. The nicotine content of each cigarette liquid core is lower than that of ordinary 20 cigarettes. The special liquid supply barrier state design prevents smokers from using the device to "smoking" continuously, reducing the frequency of use and ensuring the health of users . It can work normally at ambient temperature —5°C—42°C.

7. Wide range of application.

According to an authoritative expert from the Tobacco Control Professional Committee of the China Association of Smoking and Health, according to the working principle of disposable vapes, this high-tech product not only avoids the harmful chemicals contained in ordinary cigarettes, but also can be calculated at 10 yuan per day for a pack of ordinary cigarettes. Smokers save more than 12,000 yuan.

Principles of quitting smoking

Disposable vapes adopt the most universal nicotine replacement therapy in the world, which is to gradually reduce the nicotine inhalation of smokers. Generally, it is from high to low, gradually decreasing. However, even the highest concentration of nicotine content is only 1/3 of that of ordinary cigarettes, which can avoid dependence on vapes.

According to incomplete statistics, vapes should have the highest rate of smoking cessation among the various products of nicotine replacement therapy. In addition to using nicotine replacement therapy, he has one of the biggest advantages, which is that he does not change his habitual behavior of smoking. As the saying goes, He can also satisfy the mouth addiction of smokers. This is very important, because a large part of smokers can't get rid of this habitual action until they have been unable to quit smoking successfully.





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