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Why doesn't disposable vape smoke?

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There are many factors that can not affect the smoke. After the atomizer is installed, let it stand for 5 minutes before smoking. If it still does not smoke, it is the problem of the atomizer core. Replace the atomizer core and do it again as before. , If it still doesn't work, it is that the atomizer is in poor contact with the battery.There is no smoke from vapes, which may be due to the following reasons:

Why doesn't vape smoke?

1. Check to see if the e-liquid has been added to the atomizer or there is too little e-liquid.

2. Check if the battery and atomizer are connected properly.

3. Check whether the battery power is turned on.

4. In normal use, you need to press the button to smoke normally, see if the operation is correct

5. If there is no problem with the above 4 points, then there may be a problem with the atomizer core, which needs to contact customer service as soon as possible to solve it

6. If there is no problem with the atomizer core, then the battery motherboard is broken and needs repair

Why can't disposable vape smoke?

1. The atomizer may be broken, and the atomizer needs to be replaced.

2, there may be no smoke oil, just add smoke oil.

3. If the indicator light of the charger is off, but the light of the battery is on, it means that the indicator light of the charger is broken. If it is not on, the charger is broken. If the charger light is on, the battery light is not On, it means the battery is broken.

Why does the disposable vape still stop smoking after refueling?

It is estimated that the connection between the atomizer and the battery rod is not in good contact. The following steps are recommended:

1. To open the cigarette holder, first rotate the thread to pull up or insert it vertically. Do not proceed at an oblique angle;

2, do not add smoke oil from the small hole in the middle of the atomizer, the middle vent hole is not the refueling position (the correct method of oil injection is shown in the figure above);

3. The disposable vape is based on the principle of high temperature heating. Condensate will be generated on the top of the cigarette rod. When charging, it must be wiped with a paper towel;

4.In addition to the frequency of use, the service life of the atomizer has a very important relationship with the habits of use. The interval between each use is 5 seconds. the service life can be prolonged if it is above;

5. The built-in lithium battery of the cigarette holder has no memory activation, just fully charge it;

6. The cigarette stick is a press-and-suck control mode. Turn on the device and press it 5 times. When using it, press and hold the cigarette stick button, and release the button without dilution. After quitting smoking, press 5 times to shut down.

Steps for normal use of vapes

1, connect the atomizer

2. Fill the atomizer with oil, pay attention to the method of oil filling, do not add to the center vent hole, and add oil from the outside of the inner wall of the atomizer.

3. Wait about 5 minutes after refueling.

4, within three seconds, press the main engine switch button 5 times to turn on.

5. Adjust the air flow of the air inlet.

6. Press and hold the switch to build while pumping.





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