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What problems should be paid attention to when joining disposable vapes?

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2018 is a year of great popularity for vapes in China, especially small cigarette products that are more suitable for long-term smoking/cessation use. Also, as predicted, 2018 will be the first year of small cigarettes. In addition to disposable vapes becoming more and more popular on e-commerce platforms, offline disposable vape physical stores are also developing rapidly.

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 5,000 offline vape physical stores in cities above the prefecture level across the country, which has doubled compared to 2017 ; At the same time, we are increasingly discovering disposable vapes in the WeChat business channel of Moments. How can a team or individual with no strength get a share of the vape market? Then disposable vape franchise is undoubtedly a good choice. Then how do we choose vape franchise channels? The following editor will talk to you.

Know your own advantages

Disposable vapes are very hot, but there are relatively many types of products, such as the big box mechanical rods that players like, the small cigarettes with repetitive cartridges, and the disposable small cigarettes that can be thrown when they are used up. The audiences of these three different types of products are completely different. An exaggeration is the difference between trucks and cars. You will definitely not see a store selling trucks and cars at the same time. So you need to understand the resource channels, or the audience, which disposable vapes they prefer.

Choose a reliable brand

At present, there are hundreds of disposable vape brands in China. What is reliable? The editor believes that there are several aspects: if the brand endorsement has a large brand background, large companies will generally be more stable than small companies; product evaluations are not only to look at For e-commerce platforms, look at other platforms, such as industry websites, Zhihu, etc., and users’ real evaluations; brand awareness and brand awareness indicate strong brand operation capabilities, and there is always a good reason for a good team to make a good product.

Buy trial products

Through the second step, you can lock in 3-5 brands in the early stage, and then you need to buy some products back, and ask yourself and your friends to test it. This step may cost some money and time, but this step must not be small Look, otherwise you will step on the pit.

Contact to join, compare policies

Through our own research and testing in the early stage, we finally screened out about 2 brands, conducted on-site inspections, and discussed franchising policies. The franchise policy mainly considers several dimensions such as minimum order quantity, monthly sales requirements, margin, settlement mode, non-performing rate, and merchant support.


We think that the following items may be added points when screening and comparing: the iterative optimization cycle of products is relatively fast; the products are exclusively for distribution channels; the company has support policies for agents.

The above is the relevant content about disposable vapes to share with you. I hope that through the above content, everyone can have a better understanding and understanding of disposable vapes. The editor also hopes that when you choose vapes to join, you will not step on the pit and succeed as soon as possible.





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