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Why does the disposable vape vaporizer fry oil?

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Why does disposable vape carburizer fry oil? What is the "fried oil" phenomenon? Atomizer oil frying phenomenon is common in our daily use, especially the novices who are just exposed to vapes feel very annoyed. Today for everyone I sorted out five questions about frying oil and how to deal with it, and let me take you to learn about the relevant information below.

What does the disposable vape frying oil mean?

We all know that more than 90% of the atomization cores in the disposable vape atomizer use the structure of cotton to carry the e-liquid, and a physical reaction of the e-liquid into water mist is realized through the heating of the coil. In the rapid heating of the coil, the e-liquid is often directly produced due to various reasons, not water mist, but the e-liquid is projected shallowly out of the coil and even into our mouth. This is what we often call the phenomenon of frying.

What causes the disposable vape carburetor to fry the oil?

Cotton is actually the biggest influencing factor! The cotton in the center of the atomizing core coil is often said to be "full" state is the most perfect, so the most intuitive test for this "fullness" is frying oil. If the amount of cotton is too large, the tightness of the cotton in the center of the coil will result in the reduction of the flavor of the e-liquid, which means that the e-liquid that can be used in a single atomization is reduced; if the amount of cotton is too small, it will cause the coil China Cotton has a surplus of e-liquid reserves. When the coil heats up rapidly, it will often blow up the e-liquid directly in liquid form!

Why is the finished core fried in oil?

The first thing to confirm is that the output power when using the finished core is within a reasonable range. The phenomenon of "my finished atomizer frying oil" often occurs when the atomizer is stationary for too long. That is to say, there is no problem in daily use. When the atomizer is static for half a day or longer, the oil will be fried. This is the phenomenon that the physical characteristics of cotton oil conduction and oil storage are affected. The most effective way to solve this situation After the atomizer has been stationary for a long time, do not use the first and second ports directly. First, "normally ignite" the atomizer twice to atomize the excess smoke oil first, and then decompose some common finished product atomizing core frying oil. The parallel connection problem.

1. Power:Improper use of power will cause frying. For example, if the power is too low and the heating speed of the coil is too slow, the coil will fry the smoke before reaching the atomization temperature;

2. Smoke oil:The VG content of the e-liquid used should meet the setting of the core's oil guide. Some finished cores are positioned for large smoke and have extremely fast oil guiding design. At this time, if the VG is too low (50%), there will be excessive oil guiding, which is the excessive cotton smoke oil mentioned above and the explosion Oil;

3. Run core:Frying oil will occur if too much smoke oil is injected during the core moistening process. Most of the newly used finished cores will moisten the core, and excessive wetting of the core leads to excess smoke oil, which will inevitably appear in the first and second mouths. In fact, this has nothing to do with the quality of the core in most cases.

Why does the disposable vape atomizer fry the oil? What is the "fried oil" phenomenon? To sum up the problem of frying oil, in the case of finished cores, it is generally due to the excessive storage of e-liquid caused by the excessive static time. Then only when it is used again It can be solved by simulating the ignition twice and atomizing the excess smoke oil first. As for the oil frying phenomenon in the RBA category, it is relatively complicated. It is related to the amount of cotton, coil type, power output, etc. These important factors also affect the probability of oil frying under most premises.





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