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Which is more dangerous disposable vape or regular cigarettes?

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Which is more dangerous disposable vape or regular cigarettes?faced this problem,disposable vape are not completely harmless, but they are smaller than cigarettes. There is still debate about whether vape can help you quit smoking. Oxford Dictionaries, a British dictionary, chooses its word of the Year. In 2013, the word of the year was selfie; In 2015, it was the crying emoji "". Sandwiched in 2014 is "vape," or disposable vape. Worldwide disposable vape sales exploded between 2010 and 2014. For most Chinese, however, vapes are an unfamiliar product. Disposable vapes are seen as a foreign fad, popular among a minority, even though they were both invented and mostly made in China. More people will only hear about disposable vape sporadically. For example, in October 2018, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam cheng Yuet-Ngor announced in her policy address that the city would completely ban the sale of e-cigarettes. For another example, disposable vapes have become a hot entrepreneurial project in the mainland. What are vape, and are they good or bad? Can disposable vape really help you quit smoking?

Disposable vapes are bad, but better than cigarettes

If you've ever wondered about disposable vapes, you've probably seen some Chinese manufacturers touting vapes as medicine, claiming they are "healthy and harmless" and "clear the lungs and remove toxins". You may have also seen other popular science articles in Chinese detailing the dangers of e-cigarettes, with some even claiming: "vapes are 7 times more likely to cause cancer than cigarettes!"

Are disposable vape harmful? And are disposable vape more harmful than conventional cigarettes?

To answer these two questions, we need a brief understanding of how disposable vape work. vapes are usually divided into two main components: electronic vaporizers and nicotine-containing liquids. These two parts are similar to the relationship between pen and ink, needle and medicine. Disposable vape work by atomizing the fumes into a nicotine smoke that the smoker inhales into the body as if he were smoking a cigarette. The device is also called a vape in English, and is sometimes called an electronic vaporizer. Of course, disposable vapes are sometimes referred to as low-temperature cigarette-cured vapes, also known as "IQOS," which won't be discussed here

Let's conclude that vaping is not entirely harmless.

The ASSESSMENT of THE US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on disposable vape is that vapes are a new thing, and the health effects of long-term use are unknown . vapes usually contain nicotine, which is harmful to fetal development and the cognitive development of young people under 25 years old . Nicotine aside, vapors from e-cigarettes aren't entirely harmless. They contain some tiny particles that may cause cancer, as well as some heavy metals and volatile mixtures . Some studies have also linked disposable vape to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. But while vapes are not as "completely harmless" as some claim, they are far less harmful than conventional vapes.

Vapes are marketed as a way to quit smoking, which is why some people choose vapes.

But many people say vape can't stop smoking, so don't pay this IQ tax. Could it be an IQ tax instead of a tobacco tax? At first glance, disposable vape and nicotine replacements look similar. Nicotine replacement is a generic term for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). The nicotine in cigarettes is an addictive substance, and when people quit smoking, they will feel uncomfortable and give up smoking

If nicotine is delivered into the bloodstream with a nicotine patch, nicotine gum, or nicotine spray, the withdrawal response can be alleviated and the success rate of quitting can be improved. In 1996, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially recommended nicotine replacement therapy to all countries . The FDA has also approved at least four legal nicotine substitutes for smoking cessation. vapes seem to do the same. In fact, the WHO calls disposable vape "electronic nicotine delivery systems" and studies them alongside other nicotine substitutes. But while e-cigarettes are similar to nicotine replacements, vape use is behaviourally similar to smoking, so it's not easy to assume that disposable vape will help you quit.

Studies have been inconsistent on whether disposable vape can help quit smoking.

For example, a 2014 study published in JAMA found that in a longitudinal analysis of 949 smokers who were surveyed online twice a year, e-cigarette users showed no improvement in their success rate of quitting and no reduction in cigarette consumption. However, at the same time, the author of this paper also said that this survey relied on oral reports of individuals, and the use, frequency and habit of e-cigarettes of the respondents were not fully understood. Other studies suggest e-cigarettes can help smokers quit or smoke less. A 2016 meta-analysis showed that smokers who chose e-cigarettes were 28% more likely to quit smoking than those who did not. A recent study published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews found that vape helped quit smoking better than the placebo effect.





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