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What should we do if disposable vapes leakage?

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What should we do if the disposable vape leaks? Solve the three difficulties of vape oil leakage: There are many types of disposable vapes on the market, but for consumers, almost every vaping has a pain point, which is the phenomenon of oil leakage. On average, one-third of the smoke oil in a cartridge is wasted by oil leakage. What is an oil spill? That is, the e-liquid flows out in an abnormal manner, such as leaking from the outside of the atomization chamber glass, the base of the atomizer, and the outside of the cigarette holder.

Although there have been many proposals to solve the problem of oil leakage in disposable vapes, such as keeping the atomizer vertical, adjusting the air inlet, cleaning the atomizer frequently, etc., these are only analyzed for consumer use and cannot solve the fundamental problem. Why is the waterproof function of consumer electronic products such as mobile phones and watches nearly perfect, even against the invasion of coffee, tea, soda and other liquids, why the oil leakage problem of disposable vapes has not been solved?

Let’s briefly analyze the frequent oil leakage of disposable vapes. The oil leakage of disposable vapes will be analyzed from three aspects: the precision of structural parts, accessories, and product design. Several recently released vapes have made improvements in the oil leakage solution. We can understand through these recent disposable vape product solutions that focus on the oil leakage problem; the structure of the popular flat cigarette pods on the market, The general structure is: sealing ring, atomization chamber, guide rod, atomization core (fiber cotton/ceramic) and other accessories.

1. Disposable vape atomizing core

In the face of changes in the needs of smokers and consumers, under the premise of ensuring the degree of taste reduction, Mcwell launched the feelm technology atomization chamber completely sealed assembly, which can prevent electronic cigarette liquid from leaking or dripping. At present, R&M adopt the leak-proof design of the Feelm ceramic atomizing core technology, and the ceramic itself is highly lipophilic and easy to conduct smoke oil. Compared with cotton and other materials, ceramics will not have dry burning problems.

2. The structure design of the atomizer

Most of the popular oil storage structures on the market are directly assembled from accessories such as atomization bins, guide rods, bases, and atomization cores, which require high precision between product structures. This combined structure design is sealed If the performance is not high, it is easy to cause oil leakage from top to bottom.

3.Disposable vape sealing ring

For electronic consumer products with high sealing requirements, enhanced coating and sealed designs are generally adopted. In addition to the atomizing core and the overall structure design, the disposable vape also has a sealed artifact-a sealing ring. The sealing ring is distributed in many connection ports of the disposable vape. Due to the high material requirements of disposable vapes, the surrounding materials of the atomizer use FDA food-grade materials, and the liquid silicone benefits from its soft, non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance, and easy molding characteristics. Through LSR injection or over-injection, It is widely used in 3C electronics such as mobile phones, telephones and watches, such as housings, cards or interfaces, and plays an important role in sealing and waterproofing. At the same time, the sealing ring of disposable vapes also plays an extremely important role.

The part where the atomizer and the battery rod are combined, most of the products are connected by sealing rubber rings and threads. The silicone ring is almost distributed at every connection part between the atomizer and the base. The electronic cigarette thermal silica gel and thermal silica sheet are necessary accessories to prevent oil leakage and improve sealing.

How to solve disposable vape leakage?

1.JVIC system

Adopt the national innovation and unique JVIC system (liquid vertical injection coil) to separate the air intake, oil intake and oil output, effectively improving oil leakage.

2. Multiple protection

In addition to the JVIC system design of , the R&M disposable vape, which has been a hot topic recently, is known to have a waterproof rating of IP56, which is "resistant to strong splashing water." In response to the "oil leakage" phenomenon, Flow has added "quadruple protection" to its products, including symmetrical oil-absorbing cotton at the top, screw seal at the bottom, mushroom-shaped ceramic atomizer, and symmetrical oil-absorbing cotton at the bottom.

3. Oil core separation structure

Recently, the BTX Apple launched by Baotianxiang Technology (factory) adopts a new type of leak-proof patent. The cartridge uses a cotton core induction heating plate and an oil core separation technology to resist oil leakage! Closed cartridges, which use three major structural designs: a closed oil storage bin, an atomization bin, and a condensate collection bin.


What should we do if disposable vapes leakage?In response to the above introduction, we need to focus on the atomizer core of the disposable vape, the design of the atomizer and the material of the sealing ring.Does this article answer your question,if you want learn more about disposable vape come to our vape products page.





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