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What are in disposable vapes?

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With the development of the electronic cigarette technology and the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes, an increasing number of people have started to use e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have evolved from a simple replacement product to a culture. Although the use of e-cigarettes has been controversial, the market for e-cigarettes has been growing in recent years. Today, there are more and more types of e-cigarettes and the product we are introducing today is the disposable vape, a type of e-cigarette with a compact design that is loved by many e-cigarette smokers.


The basic components of disposable vape

How does disposable vape produce vapour?

How to use a disposable vape effectively?


The basic components of disposable vape

·Main components

A disposable vape consists of a battery, an atomiser, a liquid vape and other components. The atomiser is one of the core devices of the e-cigarette, generally speaking the cartridge is the mouthpiece part, the structure of the disposable vape is characterised by bonding the atomiser with the cartridge or vape fluid to make a disposable atomiser, the advantage of doing so is that it can greatly improve the taste and smoke volume of the e-cigarette.


The raw materials used in our genuine, certified vape oils for disposable vape are food grade, so they are still relatively stable in terms of composition. The disposable vape does not contain tar and other ingredients. It is worth noting that when buying an e-cigarette you must choose a well-known manufacturer. Some manufacturers, in order to achieve better results and higher profits, add harmful substances to it, such as nitrosamines, diethylene glycol instead of propylene glycol, plasticisers, heavy metals, etc. These substances can cause great harm to the human body.


How does disposable vape produce vapour?

In a disposable vape, the liquid is heated and atomised into smoke to produce a smoking effect, without the harmful components such as tar and suspended particles found in traditional cigarettes. Simply put, a disposable vape is a low-pressure micro-electronic atomising device that heats a tobacco-flavoured solution and atomises it into smoke for use by smokers. The e-cigarette is modern micro-electronic technology which, when smoked with an e-cigarette, produces a tactile sensation that satisfies the smoker and actually emits a simulated smoke as a harmless vapour mist that disappears within seconds after evaporating into the air.


How to use a disposable vape effectively?

·Tips for use

When using the disposable vape, be careful not to draw too hard, as it will not produce any smoke. At the same time, pay attention to the angle of use, keeping the mouthpiece up and the stem tilted down to prevent the liquid from leaking out.



It is important to store your disposable vape in a suitable place to avoid affecting the performance of your disposable vape. Our disposable vape will last for a week, so you should not leave your disposable vape in your car or purse. It should be stored upright in a hygienic place. Other than that, keep it away from sunlight, water and heat.


The disposable vape is a new and compact design of e-cigarette, which is in great demand. Meanwhile, our disposable vape is high quality, non-leaking, tasty, large capacity, 2000 vaping and lasts up to a week. If you would like more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.





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