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How to maintain the disposable vape atomizer ?

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How to maintain the electronic cigarette atomizer ?As an indispensable part of disposable vapes, vape vaporizers need to be maintained and maintained in daily use,so as to extend the service life of vape vaporizers! So today I will introduce vape vaporizers. What are the precautions in the daily use of the device!

1. When in use, clean the condensate at any time

The use of the vape atomizer will inevitably produce condensate. Generally speaking, the condensate will accumulate on the top of the atomization chamber and the flue part.

Using the drip atomizer, you can pull out the atomization chamber at any time and use paper towels or wipe your face. The finished atomizer is not as easy to disassemble as the drip atomizer. You can use methods like throwing a thermometer.Throw down the condensate in the flue and the chamber.

If in the process of using the disposable vape atomizer, the condensate accumulates too much and cannot be cleaned up in time, there will be the possibility of the condensate being sucked into the mouth. Many users say that the vaping will be inhaled after a period of time, making the mouth sweet. Something, it is very likely that the condensate has been sucked up. At the same time, if too much condensate falls on the atomization core, it will cause discoloration of the cotton, carbon deposits in the coil and oil and other problems, which will affect the service life of the atomization core.

2. Frequently clean the disposable vape atomizer

Many users care about whether the finished atomizer will cause odor when changing the e-liquid. Actual tests show that as long as there is no too much e-liquid mixing in the warehouse, the finished atomizer core will only be replaced even if the e-liquid is not replaced. A few puffs of smoke are a tasteful mixture. To clean up when replacing the e-liquid, you can clean the e-liquid in the atomizer chamber, and if conditions permit, you can also directly replace the atomizer core.

It is recommended that when using a finished atomizer, the disposable vape atomizer should be disassembled and cleaned every time one or two bins of smoke oil are drawn. When cleaning, pay attention to cleaning up the condensate in the atomization chamber and flue. At the same time, the finished atomizer with air intake at the bottom should also pay attention to cleaning the liquid in the base of the atomizer.

The cleaning method can be selected according to the actual situation. The easiest way is to use paper towels or cotton cloth to wipe. Or use clean water to rinse and then wipe. It should be noted that the finished core cannot be rinsed with clean water. At the same time, note that other parts need to be wiped dry after cleaning or use after drying with a hair dryer.

3.DIY atomizer cleaning method

Compared with the finished atomizer, the DIY atomizer has fewer non-cleanable finished cores, and it will be cleaned more thoroughly. The DIY atomizer can be disassembled and wiped directly, or rinsed with water and wiped or dried by a hair dryer. Friends with conditions can also use the ultrasonic cleaning machine for deep cleaning.

The frequency of cleaning depends on personal use. The dripping atomizer can perform a deep cleaning of the components every time the coil is replaced, while the RTA atomizer can be used after one or two bins of smoke oil. Dismantle and clean the condensate, and perform a dismantling and cleaning when the coil needs to be replaced.

Many users will wash the DIY atomizer with the coil together with clean water. This method is not recommended for everyone. After testing, the speed of coking and rusting of the coils after using water flushing and quenching is higher than that of the coils that are cleaned by dry burning.

4.Disposable vape atomizer peculiar smell treatment

For many cigarette oils with a heavier smell, the residual smell cannot be removed by simple wiping. Even if it does not cause the odor of smoke oil, it will leave a smell in the atomizer, and even produce a strange smell over time.

In this case, baking soda can be mixed with warm water, and the atomizer can be disassembled and soaked, or ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be used for cleaning to remove odor residues.

5. The maintenance and placement of the disposable vape atomizer

In addition to the main structural parts of the atomizer, the rubber ring and screws are also important parts of the disposable vape atomizer. When using the atomizer, you need to pay attention to the strength of the disassembly and assembly of the screws to prevent the screws from slipping or even damaging the electrode column. The apron of the new disposable vape atomizer tends to have more resistance, and the plugging and unplugging of various components will be more laborious. After getting the vape atomizer, you can apply a small amount of smoke oil to the apron to make the plugging and unplugging of the components more smooth. It can ensure that the rubber ring is not damaged.

Regardless of the vape atomizer, it must be placed vertically when not in use to prevent e-liquid leakage and at the same time shut off the air intake. For oil storage atomizers that have not been used for a long time, it is recommended to pour out the e-liquid and clean the atomizer. DIY oil storage atomizer handouts remove the cotton or even the entire atomizing core. For dripping atomizers, it is recommended to remove The cotton or even the entire atomization core is removed and cleaned, so that no peculiar smell will appear when the disposable vape atomizer is used again.

After cleaning the disposable vape atomizer, wipe off the water drops on the parts in time to prevent the screws and other parts from getting rusty. At the same time, if the atomizer is made of copper material, it is recommended to use a hair dryer to dry it. If it is not used for a long time, it can be sealed in a sealed bag to prevent the atomizer from producing patina.

How to maintain the disposable vape atomizer ?After a reasonable cleaning and maintenance of the disposable vapeatomizer, it can ensure that the appearance is as clean as new for a long time, and the use experience is as good as just getting started. At the same time, when used intermittently, there will be no peculiar smell in the vape atomizer, ensuring that the taste performance of the disposable vape atomizer will not be affected.





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