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Why do disposable vapes smell less, and how to fix it?

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One of the problems with disposable vapes, reported by more and more disposable vape smokers recently, is that the taste of vapes can fade during smoking or after a period of time.

It seems to be a common problem with all vaping products, so what is the cause of this problem? Let's explore.


1.Preservation of smoke oil

Smoke oil smoke save oil preservation is very important, especially for some kinds of mint smoke oil and alcohol taste, because of these smoke oil containing mint essence, wine fragrance, can lead to oil smoke if you open the bottle or bottle lid did not tighten, essence of evaporation will occur and further the emergence of the oil smoke out, After a few days of smoking, it was found that there were a lot less, so the correct position to save the lid of smoke oil is mainly the following three:

>Avoid sunlight

Do not expose the nicotine to direct sunlight, which can accelerate the color change of nicotine, turning brown or dark.

>Tighten the cap

Long time smoke oil and air contact will cause oxidation, evaporation of flavor in smoke oil, will naturally reduce the taste.

>Dry and ventilated

Humid and sultry environment will breed a lot of bacteria, the main components of smoke oil will accelerate the reproduction of bacteria, to provide a perfect hotbed for bacteria, and these bacteria will pollute smoke oil, destroy the components of smoke oil, and even harm health.

2.Taste is fatigue

Taste fatigue occurs when the same oil is used for a long time, which leads to taste buds getting used to the taste of the oil, making taste buds less and less sensitive to the taste, resulting in weaker taste of the oil. For a person who does not like spicy food, it will feel very exciting to eat spicy food at the beginning, but people who are used to eating spicy food will feel no stimulation, that is, taste fatigue. In this case, it is recommended that you change several flavors of tobacco oil to try. Try not to smoke the same type of smoke oil for a long time, and choose two favorite flavors for replacement. Avoid excessive use of e-cigarettes. When the taste of e-cigarettes becomes weak, reduce the frequency of smoking or stop smoking for a period of time to allow the taste buds to rest and then return to normal. Or drink more water and eat other foods to dilute the memory of your taste buds. Feel smoke oil no taste, stroke string, smoke again, very steady. Drinking soda and soda can also do the trick.

3.Replace atomizer

Use different styles of atomizers. After using a smoky oil for a long time, use an oil-drop atomizer with big smoke to smoke, and the experience will be instantly different. Alternating the use of different nebulizers can also solve this situation.





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