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Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking Blue?

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Do you know when or why your vape pen blinked? Thanks to the manufacturers for using LED flashing indicators in the lean design. These different color blinking lights send a variety of signals to the users.

You should realize that the electronic devices you regularly use have some errors like that even the most high-quality vape device can cause some trouble. Sometimes it is for a loose battery, charging problem or even thickness of your vape juice can make errors.

But keep in mind that the signals always don’t mean a warning as an error of your vape pen. Sometimes these signals mean the vape pen functionality.

Whatever the helpful thing is, these indications draw your attention to your vape pen and let you know when it needs some assistance. In that case, we recommend reading the user manual carefully to operate it in the right way.

Since the manual sometimes can be difficult to understand and you can’t act according to the needs. So we are here to make your job easy and simple.

Hence, here are the most common reasons why your vape pen blinking blue. After knowing the reasons, you can make a move to resolving them.

Low Charge

This is the most common issue when your vape pen blinks. Some pen lights flash three times continuously to indicate medium battery power. But the same indications can mean low power or the battery is dead for other vape pens. It purely depends on your vape pen model’s functionality. Whatever, the point is you need to recharge your vape pen.

Low Voltage

Sometimes due to low voltage, the pen battery can not charge properly. You may see that the charge is full, but the indicator light is flashing when you go to puff. For this inappropriate charging, some other errors can occur as the safety features are activated by default, so it draws your attention to it.

Battery Is Loose

This is another common issue that makes the display light blin. A loose battery is the main reason for frequent disconnections, low voltage and irregularities in puffing. If your pen battery doesn’t screw up perfectly it restricts proper charging then the light will be blinking continuously. To resolve this problem, you should clean the tank regularly to build up lint by juice or dust


Sometimes your vape pen can be overheated by taking puffs simultaneously. If you charge it for a long time, your device can be overheated as well—some device design to Immediate shut-off and some blinking for warning.

Activation Button Is Stuck

Your pen activation button can slightly stick in the push position. It is the most common but easy resolving issue that happens. It can be stuck for junk or when you push it for a long time. When the button is stuck, the indications lights start flashing continuously.

Wrong Components

If you’re using incompatible components, the display light will blink. It can occur when you use a low-resistance external coil. On the other hand, your vape juice thickness can be the reason as well. Some devices can’t function with high-density oils, so the light indicates as a warning.

Expiration Of The Vape Pen

You should keep in mind that every device has an expiration limit. Even the most high-end and expensive one will wear out one hand. If you maintain your vape pen perfectly, it can last a long but not forever.

Final Words

Nowadays, the upgraded model design has an expiration indication function. When the device comes closer to its expiration level, your vape indications light blink.

If your vape indication light starts blinking it is recommended to stop puffing and try to find out its reason.

Now, you have the proper idea when and why your pen blinks. So, if your vape indication light starts blinking it is recommended to stop puffing and try to find out the reason behind it.





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