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​What's in r&m switch vape?

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The e-cigarette market has a very promising future and today we are introducing the r&m switch vape, a disposable e-cigarette with a wide range of flavours to choose from. It is one of the main products of IBRS and is loved by many young people for its stylish design and portable operation. Basic information about the r&m switch vape will be mentioned in this article.


The basic component of r&m switch vape

Does the r&m switch vape contain nicotine?

The related precautions for using a r&m switch vape.


The basic component of r&m switch vape

Although the technology of electronic cigarettes has undergone decades of innovation, the principle of the domestic e-cigarette is much the same. r&m switch vape consists of a battery, atomiser, liquid and other components, which are heated and atomised into smoke. The operation of the r&m switch vape is simple. The user needs to inhale from the mouthpiece while pressing the button, which activates the battery, thus heating the atomiser to produce smoke.


It is worth noting that disposable e-cigarettes can hold up to 5 times more liquid than rechargeable e-cigarettes, making disposable e-cigarettes last longer. Our r&m switch vape uses two 4ml liquid vapes.


Does the r&m switch vape contain nicotine?

The r&m switch vape does not contain nicotine directly, but the vape liquid in the r&m switch vape contains 6 percent salt nicotine. Therefore, excessive use of r&m switch vape can still be harmful to the body. In fact, although the biggest common denominator between e-cigarettes and cigarettes is that they both contain nicotine, the biggest difference is that r&m switch vape does not contain the rest of the more than 2,000 toxic and harmful substances in cigarettes, in addition to nicotine, and cigarettes are not the most harmful to the human body and cause cancer, but tar and carbon monoxide, which r&m switch vape switch vape does not contain any of these substances. These substances are not contained in the r&m switch vape. Thus, the hazards of using the r&m switch vape are minimised.


The related precautions for using a r&m switch vape.


The r&m switch vape is heated at a high temperature and condensation will be generated on the top of the stem, so be sure to wipe it down with a paper towel before using the r&m switch vape.


·Maintain good vaping habits

The longevity of the r&m switch vape atomiser is not only related to the frequency of use, but also to the habit of using it, keeping 5 seconds or more between each use will prolong its life.


·Hold angle

The r&m switch vape mouthpiece should be kept open in a vertical position, do not tilt it at an angle to do so.


The above is all the information about the r&m switch vape. As a disposable vapes, the r&m switch vape is all about style and IBRS is very particular about the look of its e-cigarettes, with no e-cigarette having a duplicate pattern. And the fashion of r&m switch vape comes from the graphic design, we have senior graphic designer, we believe he will bring you visual art impact.





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