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What flavors are available for vape double flavors?

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Compared to traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarette can reduce the harm of smoking by at least 95%, and with the smoking ban in place, the popularity of e-cigarettes has become a major trend. With their innovative design, e-cigarettes are loved by many young people and some even believe they can completely replace the existence of traditional cigarettes. All in all, the e-cigarette industry is a booming industry with many types of e-cigarettes, and the one I will be introducing today is vape double flavors, a disposable e-cigarette launched by IBRS. This article will give a brief introduction and analysis of vape double flavors.


How many flavors do vape double flavors have to choose from?

The recommended reasons for using a vape double flavor

The market demand for disposable electronic cigarettes


How many flavors does vape double flavors have to choose from?

The vape double flavor has 24 flavors to choose from, such as Cotton candy, Pina colada ice, Cool mint, Strawnana, Tangerine ice and many more. Each vape double flavor can have two flavors present at the same time and the user can switch between flavors with the click of a switch, a design that is relatively rare in the modern e-cigarette market.


The recommended reasons for using a vape double flavor

·High security

The safety of e-cigarettes has been one of the widely discussed topics. Using vape double flavor can greatly reduce the harm caused by traditional tobacco. It can be seen as an excessive means of quitting smoking and the vape oil composition uses 6% nicotine salts, avoiding the tar and carcinogens associated with traditional smoking.


There is a delicate relationship between the battery capacity of a disposable e-cigarette and its vape fluid capacity. Basically all disposable e-cigarette manufacturers will set the battery to run out first during use, because if the vape oil runs out before the battery, the disposable e-cigarette will "dry burn", which will result in a burnt taste during use and affect the consumer experience. Our vape double flavor is far above the market average in terms of both battery capacity and vape oil capacity, ensuring that the vape double flavor can be used for a long time.


The vape double flavor is a compact and easy to use entry-level e-cigarette that is perfect for those who are new to e-cigarettes. What's more, the freedom to switch between double flavors gives the vaper a fresh feel. In recent years, awareness of the health risks associated with cigarettes has increased and this has led to an expansion of the e-cigarette industry.


The market demand for disposable electronic cigarettes

With the development of the electronic cigarette industry, which has seen unprecedented interest in recent years, an increasing number of companies are focusing on promoting e-cigarettes and how to design a vapour, smokeless, heated tobacco or new product has become the current topic of conversation. The social demand now is that there should be a positive attitude towards new technology and innovation. Further to this social demand, different types of disposable e-cigarettes have been invented. As an IBRS main disposable e-cigarette, vape double flavor is easy to operate and safe, making it ideal for some smokers who are new to e-cigarettes.


This is all the information about vape double flavor, IBRS has a professional team and strict production line in producing disposable e-cigarettes, we can guarantee the quality of each e-cigarette. If you need to know more about vape double flavor, please follow us.





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