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What are vape double flavors taste?

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In recent years, people are becoming more aware of the dangers that cigarettes can cause to their own health. E-cigarettes are also becoming more widely known because their smoking oil does not produce harmful tar and other substances during the heating process, so many smokers are turning to e-cigarettes as a healthy alternative to cigarettes, and this social demand has led to an increasing variety of e-cigarettes.

Today we would like to introduce a portable e-cigarette, it is vape double flavors, this e-cigarette can be freely switched between two flavours, this design makes it one of the main products of IBRS.


What flavours are available in vape double flavors?

What are the design requirements for vape double flavors?

What should I know about using vape double flavors?


What flavours are available in vape double flavors?

Unlike traditional cigarettes, our vape double flavor has a wide range of fruit flavours to choose from and is not a single reduced tobacco taste. After all, using the same flavour of an e-cigarette all the time can be exhausting. And the liquid's are the heart of the e-cigarette and determine the taste. vape double flavor gives the user a different experience by adding different flavours to the liquid.


In terms of flavours, we have 24 different flavours to choose from, such as Banana ice, Blue raz bubble gum, Lush ice, Peach lemonade, Banana vanilla ice cream and many more. It is important to note that vape double flavor does not contain harmful ingredients such as tar and carbon monoxide, which are found in cigarettes. All our vape double flavors are made from food-grade, healthy ingredients to ensure the safety of vape double flavors.


What are the design requirements for vape double flavors?

·Pattern design

Different types of vape double flavors will use different cartoon patterns, this design is to reflect the creativity of the product, can give the user always a new feeling, more in line with the young hobby.

·Large battery capacity

The battery is the most important component of the e-cigarette device, providing the main device with electricity to heat the heating wire and make the atomiser work. Therefore, a large capacity battery will not only improve the efficiency of vape double flavors, but also give the user a better vaping experience.


These are the main design requirements for our vape double flavors. It is worth noting that the mainstream disposable e-cigarettes currently on the market are advertised as being able to be smoked for as many puffs as possible, but the results can vary considerably due to the different strengths of each individual's inhale during actual use. Our vape double flavors are available in puffs of 1600 and 2000, depending on your frequency of use and habits.


What should I know about using vape double flavors?

The vape double flavors are compact and easy to handle. There are still some considerations to be taken into account when using vape double flavors. The first is to make sure that you vape hard and not too hard. When vaping, please be careful to keep vaping for a longer period of time, as vaping for a longer period of time will allow the liquid in the cartridge to be fully atomised by the atomiser. The atomiser of an e-cigarette should be cleaned regularly, as the liquid will condense and stick to it after a long period of time, and will accumulate and produce liquid before use.


The above is all information about vape double flavors, vape double flavors is one of the main products of our company, it is loved by many young people with its novel design. The use of e-cigarettes is currently a hot topic of discussion and if you buy vape double flavors you will need to decide according to your needs.





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