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Real VS Fake R&M Vape--How to tell the difference

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Real VS Fake R&M Vape--How to tell the difference

Best way to verify

Only two steps

Step 1: scratch off the security code label on the back of the pack. 

step2: Enter your verification code into the official R&M website authentication page: https://www.rmultimate.com. 

It will say "your product is authentic" if your R&M pen is real.



Coloring and Design

Watch out for discolored or pixelated imprint and fonts. Also, make sure that the pack, inside wrapping and actual device are all the same color, check the pack designed and flavors listing.There are some deviations in a counterfiet is by scratching the back of the package and entering it into the official website’s verification link.


Needless to say, fake goods have caused great harm to our society on the one hand, and damage the genuine products on the other hand. In the long run, the public's sense of trust has also been damaged.

In a word, we must say no to the fake goods. Only through the joint efforts of the whole society can we put an end to the fake goods.





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