Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

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Is the disposable vape good or bad to human?

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Blindly claiming that vapes work or harm is irresponsible nonsense. The questioners probably don't need a lot of data to tell them exactly what substances e-cigarettes work on the body and how effective they are.

Benefits of disposable vapes:

1. It is ash-free and does not need to be burned, so it is quite environmentally friendly and does not produce soot or butts.

2. E-cigarettes will not emit disgusting cigarette odor, and will not stain clothes, hair, furniture and other items with odor. Moreover, the smoke of e-cigarettes contains sweet taste, which can avoid the odor of cigarettes.

3. E-cigarette smoke contains water and is easy to disappear in the air. It is not easy to cause second-hand smoke to other people, and the society has a higher tolerance for e-cigarette.

4. E-cigarettes avoid bad breath by not staining teeth with tar and turning them yellow.

5. Can save costs, because only need to buy smoke liquid & atomizing head can be continuously reused, long-term than smoking general cigarettes save about 80% of the cost.

6. Easy to carry, pocket free, the size and weight of a disposable lighter, and summer is just around the corner, which is great.

Disposable vape harm to human body:

The main components of the disposable vape is propylene glycol (>), glycerin (glycerol), nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, are used in food additives, can be digested by the body, there is, of course, dose required, must be smaller than a certain dose, but in the end there is some damage to human body, nicotine, but compared with the traditional tobacco, harm obvious is relatively low, But low doesn't mean harmless. Nicotine is still very toxic.

Substances contained in e-cigarettes: propylene glycol, glycerol, fragrance, nicotine. There is no other substance. Nicotinoids, or nicotinoids, which are now popular, are only morphologically different from nicotine. The functions and damages are analyzed below.

Propylene glycol: a chemical agent miscible with water, ethanol, and various organic solvents, having the formula C3H8O2. Normal for colorless viscous liquid, almost tasteless, smell slightly sweet. Toxicity and irritation are minimal and no victims have been identified to date. The oral LD50 of rats was 32.5mL/kg. A normal adult weighing 60kg would need to drink 1,950 ml to be toxic.

In addition, propylene glycol, as a humectant in the tobacco industry, is present in the smoke of traditional tobacco. Cigarettes also contain propylene glycol.

Glycerol: commonly known as glycerin, colorless, odorless, sweet taste, appearance was clear viscous liquid, is a kind of organic matter. Non-toxic. Even if drinking a dilute solution of up to 100g is harmless, it is oxidized after hydrolysis in the body and becomes a nutrient source. In animal experiments, it has the same anesthetic effect as alcohol when consumed in very large quantities. The LC50 of mice was 7.56g/kg intravenously, and a normal adult weighed 60 kg, requiring more than 9 liters of glycerol intravenously to have the possibility of poisoning.

In addition, glycerol is naturally found in flue-cured tobacco, burley tobacco, spice tobacco, beer, wine and cocoa. Glycerin is also found in cigarettes.

Disposable vapes different from nicotine in cigarettes by:

The difference between vapes and nicotine in cigarettes is that nicotine is transported into the body in solid particles wrapped in tar and has a high transport rate. vapes, on the other hand, typically use free nicotine, which is dissolved in solvents and vaporized into the body, with a low rate of transport. So the nicotinic salt technology comes into being is to dissolve nicotine and atomize salt materials with large molecular structure, improve the transport rate to achieve more effective anti-addiction ability, nothing more.

The role of disposable vape is to replace cigarettes to provide users with suitable nicotine and nicotine dependence. On the other hand, the mechanism of smoking addiction is not only physical dependence but also habit dependence. The use of vapes can relieve smokers' habit dependence and reduce oral desire.





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