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How to decide a uk disposable vape manufacturer suit you ?

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This is probably the question that I see asked most frequently. There’s not just one company that will be the final answer to all of your ordering challenges, though there are plenty that do a really good job. Here are a few criteria to look for:

Ideally, you want to find at least one wholesale company that is located in the same region as you. The closer, the better. When you run out of a specific product suddenly on a Wednesday, you want to have an option available that can get you more by Friday without having to pay a fortune for overnight shipping.

This is one of the most important things to look for. Unless you want to fill your shop exclusively with SMOK products, you’ll need to shop around. Just like vape shops, wholesale companies have preferences when it comes to which manufacturers they like to do business with. You will want to align yourself with wholesale companies that carry a larger selection from the brands you prefer. You will pay a higher price for the same product at a wholesale business that does not order as much of that product than you would at a company who buys from that manufacturer constantly.

Shipping Policy:
This goes right along with location. Check the company’s shipping policy to find out what their shipping cutoff time is. I have seen cutoff times as late as 7pm, and as early as 11am. Take into account which timezone the company is in. For example, if a company based in California has a cutoff time of noon, and one in New York has a cutoff time at 1pm, it is actually easier to get your products shipped the same day from the California company.

Shipping Cost:
Many UK based wholesale companies offer free shipping if your order is over a certain dollar amount. Some may not offer free shipping, but discounted or subsidized rates if you order over a certain dollar amount. Others will charge you actual shipping costs. You must factor in shipping costs when you look at the pricing of their products. A company that offers free two-day shipping will likely have slightly higher prices on at least some items than a company that charges you the full cost of shipping. It can be difficult to figure out which is the better deal at a glance, but I almost always favor cheaper / faster shipping.

Warranty / Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy:
Warranty and RMA policies are frequently overlooked because many shops will decide where to purchase based on price alone. You may be able to purchase the same product cheaper somewhere else, but you need to make sure that there is a good RMA process in place before you do business with anyone. Some companies will ask you to pay for shipping back to them, some companies have a very short window that items can be returned, and others will flat out refuse almost any return you send them for arbitrary reasons. The few dollars that you could potentially save during the purchase won’t help you if you’re sitting on a pile of defective merchandise that you can’t do anything with.





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