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How do you know if your R&M vape pen is real or fake?

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How do you know if your R&M is real or fake?

R&M was more and more popular in the disposable vape device market with its incredible flavors, convenience factor, and consistent product. People are enticed by how easy it is to use while being a high-quality device. Spend a night out on the town and you’re bound to see at least one person with a R&M in their palm. 

But what hangs on the coattails of every single wildly popular, top-of-the-line product?


R&M has its own counterfeit and clone problem to deal with. Low quality, knock-off devices found their way into the hands of consumers, posing both frustration and danger. There is no way to guarantee the quality of a clone or counterfeit device. So how do you know if your R&M is real or fake?

The poor quality control among other factors makes counterfeit products frustrating to use. Since they’ve made their way into the market, though, do you know how to look out for a fake R&M? This in-depth guide will help you figure out whether your R&M is real or fake.

To confirm you're holding an authentic R&M Disposable device it is always recommended to buy direct or from an authorized retailer.

Authentication Code
Each R&M box is sealed with an authenticator label you can scratch off. The best way to avoid using counterfeit products is to register and verify your R&M through
https://www.rmultimate.com using the authentication code found on the box. 


Each of our R&M comes in a package that features a color gradient design. If the gradient appears pixelated, or if the design deviates from our official packaging design, it usually means the R&M is fake.

Pay attention to the R&M logo, some fake produce logo is R M (without & ). Any font deviations on the back or side of the box may indicate a fake R&M. The font should be consistent all over the box and there should be no obvious deviations in boldness or size.

If, while using a R&M, the juice tastes harsh and the vapor production isn’t smooth, the item is probably fake. In this case, we recommend that you stop using the item immediately and register it on our website. If you discover that the item is authentic, but the juice tastes harsh, contact us for a complimentary replacement.





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